Week in a Flash #8

Week of 01/20/19

Important Announcements/Dates:

Our next competition is coming up fast! We will be sending some teams to a competition at Heritage Christian School on Feb. 9th, under 2 weeks away!

This weekend Middle School East is hosting a competition and needs volunteers to help. If you can help sign up here!

Important dates can be found on our calendar.

Weekly Overview

We came back this week with one main goal in mind, get all teams to State. This weekend we attended a competition in Seymour, and won two awards, one qualifying the A team for State, but we did not perform our best. You can view the results from that competition by clicking here. This week we evaluated our performance at the competition, and discussed what we could do better next time. In discussion we decided that teams needed to work on skills, drivers and autonomous, in order to get as many teams qualified for State as possible. To do this our teams need driver practice and time to work on autonomous programs. The top 20 teams in the State get an invite to the State competition, and many teams in the top 20 for skills already have State qualifications, which will then fill down as they come in. We currently have two teams near 30th in the State, and we want to get all teams as close to top 20 as possible. Teams were advised not to make any major changes to their robots as we have another competition in under 2 weeks.  


New Week in a Flash Format:

  To help push out a Week in the Flash weekly, we are changing the formatting as you may have noticed. Rather than having a summary of each day we will be having a summary of the entire week. This will allow authors of the posts to put up quality posts each week, without missing weeks as has happened recently.