Week in a Flash #7

Week in a Flash #7

Week of 12/09/18

Important Announcements/Dates:

Our next competition is coming up next month on January 19th. We will post more info about this closer to the date. Once again we only have two teams attending the competition. To determine which two teams are going, we will run skills runs from now until a week before the competition. Each team is required to run 4 driver and 4 program skills, and can run up to 6 of each. We will take the top 4 scores of each, average them, and then add the program and driver average. This total average score will be used in our selection.

Important dates can be found on our calendar.

Tuesday, 12/11/18

Today teams continued working on their robots and started minor driving practice. As a team we have determined that the most promising way of receiving a State invite this year is through skills, as the top 20 in the state of Indiana are invited, and many teams in the top 20 already have a State invite. We will continue practicing skills up to our next competition on January 19th, as we hope to get at least two teams to State this year.

Thursday, 12/13/18

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