Week in a Flash #6

Week in a Flash #6

Week of 11/25/18

Important Announcements/Dates:

This Thursday night from 5-8pm, come support our club by eating at Chicago’s Pizza and Red Line Frozen Yogurt on Stop 11 and Arlington Road! In order to prepare better for our competition, we will be having an extra meeting this Friday from 1:22-3:00pm. Saturday December 1st is our 2nd competition. Click here for more information. All members are encouraged to attend. Important dates can be found on our calendar.

Tuesday, 11/27/18

The past two weeks has put our team back due to missing meetings. The lack of meetings due to a school cancellation and Thanksgiving has led right up to our competition. Today our teams worked on final preparations/adjustments to their bots for the competition this upcoming Saturday. Our 3 bots have been improved upon since our last competition around a month ago, in order to allow our team to perform better this time. At the end of the day all three bots were functioning, not perfect however. Original plans were to allow for Thursday and Friday to be programming/driving practice only, however with the current condition of the robots, Thursday will be used to finalize changes and then start practicing. Friday teams will only be allowed to practice driving/programming, and make small fixes to their robots.

Thursday, 11/29/18

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