Week In A Flash #5

Week In A Flash #5

Week of 10/29/18

Important Announcements/Dates:

Don’t forget, first competition is on Nov. 3, more details on our calendar.  Additionally, we still need volunteers for running the concession stand on Nov. 11.  A percent of the profit made that night goes right to our club so all the help we can get is appreciated! By the way, if you ever want to see what we did at one of our meetings, the agendas linked below give you the layout of our announcements, goals for the club, goals for the bots, and even goals for the leaders!  We want to do our best to get parents involved, so contact us at [email protected] if you want to know how you can help! Important dates can be found on our calendar.

Tuesday, October 30th

  • Today’s goals
    • Get bots A (Will) and C (Zach L.) competition ready
    • Finish research on E bot (Ethan)
    • Redesign aspects of D (Zach M.) bot
      • Make the freshman do designs too
    • Check in on all engineering notebooks
    • Programmers: check out our youtube channel, 7282 AutoFlashes
  • Leader Goals
    • Work on the master copy engineering notebook
    • Elaborate on any fundraiser ideas
    • Complete website donate page

Thursday, November 1st

  • Welcome Back
    • Announcements
        • First competition Nov. 3
  • Today’s goals
    • Get the bots competition ready
    • Get the engineering notebook competition ready
    • Finish up autonomous’s