Week in a Flash #3

Week in a Flash #3

Week of 9/23/18

Important Announcements/Dates:

We need members of the team to work at the concession stands THIS SATURDAY, September 29th at 10:30AM for a Volleyball Game. Working concession stands helps raise money for our team to be used towards competition registration and new parts/tools. Click Here To Sign Up For Concession Stands! Bots are expected to be near completion by the end of the meeting on Tuesday, September 25th, so that programmers are able to begin testing autonomous programs. We will be having a “bot off” on October 2nd, where we will be continuing the design and development of two of the four bots. ALL TEAMS NEED TO BE WORKING HARD TO MEET THIS DEADLINE! Only the top TWO designs from the bot-off will move on to competition. The two designs that do not win will recreate a bot following the design of the top 2 bots. Important dates can be found on our calendar.

Tuesday, September 25th

Tuesday was a tight day for our teams. Robots were expected to be functional for a bot off by the end of the meeting today, which did not happen as we would have liked to. Teams worked hard around the clock to finish up their designs, but most teams fell short of this goal. Two out of our four teams have a secondary scoring method built, like a fly-wheel and a “ball puncher”, however they were not able to attach these devices to the bases of their bots. One of the two remaining teams is working hard on a bar lift that is roughly half complete on their robot. The two excelling teams are both using a method in order to toggle the flags on the field. Team 1 has a flywheel built which will be used to launch balls towards the flags, while Team 2 has a “puncher” which is powered by rubber bands and a slip gear that will shoot the balls at the flags as well. Team 3 is working on a bar lift which will be used to stack the tops onto poles while also flipping them in order to score. Even though the teams are slightly behind, they are still moving along well and are expected to be ready by the end of Thursday, while also giving the programmers time to work.

Thursday, September 27th

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