Week in a Flash #2

Week in a Flash #2

Week of 9/16/18

Important Announcements/Dates:

We need members of the team to work at the concession stands for a Volleyball Game on September 29th at 10:30 AM. Working concession stands helps raise money for our team to be used towards competition registration and new parts/tools. Click Here To Sign Up For Concession Stands! Bots are expected to be near completion by September 24th, so that programmers are able to begin testing autonomous programs. We will be having a “bot off” on October 2nd, where we will be continuing the design and development of two of the four bots. ALL TEAMS NEED TO BE WORKING HARD TO MEET THIS DEADLINE! Only the top TWO designs from the bot-off will move on to competition. The two designs that do not win will recreate a bot following the design of the top 2 bots. Important dates can be found on our calendar.

Tuesday, September 18th

Today our teams worked hard finishing up the final bits of their bases, and began working on intake/scoring devices. 3 out of the 4 teams have a functioning base now, and are moving on to the second stage of the robot build. A design that has stood out to the club leaders is a base designed in order to climb the middle platforms with ease. This design utilizes a pivoting wheel design so that the front wheels pivot when climbing the platform. After this meeting, teams only have 4 more hours to complete their bot for competition in the bot off. We do not expect the bots to be 100% finished, but they need to be functional enough to compete against the other bots of the team. Once the “bot off” is done the top two teams will continue improving their designs.

Thursday, September 20th

Today all but one of our teams has a completed base. The one team without a base is going back to the design phase in order to work out a better design and have an actual plan before going into building again. The three other teams have started working on alternative scoring devices, such as a lift arm to stack caps, and a slip gear puncher system in order to shoot balls at the flags. The pivoting front wheel design was tested on the field and proven effective on getting on top of the middle platforms. The base is capable of going straight onto the middle yellow platform without the need of climbing the alliance lower platform first. There is a small issue with the wheels pivoting while driving normally however, and will be addressed later on.