Tower Takeover Resources

Below are all the resources for this season’s (2019-20) challenge, Vex Tower Takeover.

All of these documents and information can be found on the Vex Robotics Site.

Game Video



Vex Forums

A great resource throughout the entire year is the Vex Forums. Throughout the year rules may change or be interpreted in different ways, and this is almost posted on the Forums. The Forums are also great for checking out what other teams across the world are doing this year.

Click Here To Visit The Vex Forums


Main Game Manual

Click Here To View The Tower Takeover Game Manual


Field Specifications Appendix (A)

Click Here To View The Field Specifications Appendix (A)


Skills Challenge Appendix (B)

Click Here To View The Skills Challenge Appendix (B)


Field Parts CAD Model Download

This download is for the CAD Models of all field parts for Vex Tower Takeover. These models can be 3D printed and/or used in 3D Modeling Software to help in the design process.

Click Here To Download The Field Parts CAD Models


Field Assembly Instructions

Click Here To View The Field Assembly Instructions