This year we have introduced a line of merchandise available to purchase. On every purchase, our club makes a few dollars, which goes directly towards competition registrations, parts, and other expenses. Currently there are two options on buying merchandise.


All products can be found at


Purchase Options:

  1. Buy in a “Club Order”
  2. Buy individually (Shipped to your house)


Club Orders:

In order to save you money on shipping costs, we will be making club orders at various points throughout the year. To make a club order please contact a head coach and pay for the item you wish to purchase, and then you will receive your merchandise by the guaranteed date!

Click here to see Club Order pricing! 

Next Club Order Deadline: May 14th

Next Receiving Date: July 24th-26th

(Receiving date is when you will receive your items. You will pick them up from a team leader)


Individual Orders:

If you would like to have the item shipped directly to you, which will result in you receiving it earlier, you may make an order through our site. To do so, go to and place the items you wish to purchase into your cart, and then checkout when ready. Make sure to fill in all address fields correctly so the item is shipped to you. Prices for individual orders will be slightly more due to the shipping charges. All shipping and tax charges are calculated in the cart after you enter your address.

Currently there is no online payment system, but this will be added in the future. If you order an individual item please then bring the cash amount due to a team leader, and they will then process your order upon payment receipt. 


If you have any questions please email [email protected]

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