Competition Results – Greenfield

We have completed our second competition of the season, at Greenfield-Central High School, and here are the results for the two teams that were entered.

We only entered two teams into the the competition at Greenfield Central High School this time because we only had two spots. The teams were 7282A and 7282C. Team Z still attended the competition to support A and C team, and also worked hard to improve their robot. By doing this they gained almost two weeks worth of work time, so that they can be competitively viable in the next competition.


Team 7282A won the design award. This award does not qualify the team for State.


Throughout the day our teams competed in a total of 6 qualifying matches each. These are the results at the end of the qualifying matches for each team.


Team:    Place:          (Wins-Losses-Ties)

7282A –  5th Place  – (5-1-0)

7282C – 14th Place – (3-2-1)



For finals selection team A was bumped into the 3rd seed alliance and selected team 621A for their alliance partner. Team C was chosen by the 4th seed alliance, team 99904D. Both of our teams went straight into the quarter-finals through a bye due to them both being selected in the top 4 alliances. Our C team was eliminated in the quarter-finals. Our A team won their quarter-final round, semi-final round, and made it to the final round, but lost with a score of (8-25). This loss was partly due to mechanical issues in both A’s bot and their alliance partner’s bot, but getting to the finals proves that the bot is viable in competition.

Here is the bracket for the finals:


[To be added]

All Awards Given at Competition:

Tournament Champions (VRC/VEXU) 323V GEARS Cornerstone Robotics Greenwood, Indiana, United States
Tournament Champions (VRC/VEXU) 99904A Dragon 1 New Palestine HS New Palestine, Indiana, United States
Design Award (VRC/VEXU) 7282A AutoFlashes Franklin Central High School Indianapolis, Indiana, United States
Robot Skills Champion (VRC/VEXU) 323Y Flux Capacitors Cornerstone Robotics Greenwood, Indiana, United States